Prop Rentals San Francisco, California


Prop-Rentals-San-Francisco-sProp Rentals San Francisco, California. The Prop House is a full-service Prop Rental facility serving San Francisco, The Bay Area, and Northern California. In conjunction with The Prop Co-Op, the Prop House displays Props, Furnishings, Set dressing, Scenery, Signage, Street, and Office Dressing. The Prop House prop rentals are located in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Prop Rentals San Francisco, California, Prop Rentals, Special Effects including Smoke, Wind, Water, and more. We can fabricate whatever you need as necessary. We also operate FX equipment.

We carry art department supplies including Pop-Up Tents,  Tables, Chairs, Heaters, Push Brooms, Moving Dollies, Furni-Pads, Truck Shelves, and more. We have for your convenience, Our Mobile Workshop & Prop Truck where we can provide all the necessary Art Department tools & Supplies for your production high-quality production needs.

The Prop House
161 Industrial Way
Brisbane, CA

By Appointment Only


The Art Dept. provides Prop Rentals, Art Direction, Prop Mastering, Set Design & Construction, Prop & Rig Fabrication, and more!

Andrew Lewis
Art Director / Prop Master