Backdrops Rental

BACKDROP-scenery-prop-rental-sanfranciscoThe Prop House located in San Francisco has a wide variety of backdrops rental to choose from. While many other companies sell their backdrops, we only rent. The renting of backdrops by The Prop House is an important way of how we do business as backdrop rental works best for most budgets rather than buying.

The Prop Hose is a leader in the rental of scenic theme backdrops. Our consistent quality and excellent customer service sets the bar for the sanfrancisco backdrop industry. There is not much we cant accomplish with our backdrops.

Another important factor with our backdrops is that we come and do all the setups. Because, as with all the props we rent; Delivery, handling and setting up of the backdrops with proper lighting, positioning for the necessary approach for the cameras on the set to compose as they need to obtain the maximum results from our backdrops.