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At The Prop House San Francisco, our prop rental inventory increases pretty much daily. In our prop Prop-Rental-inventory-LANTERNrental inventory, you will find a huge variety of props for all kinds of productions. Prop rental is needed for stage, screen, television and all Prop-Rental-Inventory-BICYCLEalternative viewing productions. Just a few examples of our props include every type and kinds of furniture item you can possibly need. Furnishings, street dressing, sporting goods, camping equipment, all practical room and other types of exterior and interior lighting. office dressing, signage, luggage, coffins, telephones & telephone booths, hand props, all kinds of weapons, toys, all kinds of bicycles, artificial flowers, flower arrangements, display fixtures, nautical style dressings, all kinds of electronics, appliances, mail boxes and much, much more! One of the best ways to experience our prop rental inventory is to visit our San Francisco Prop House facility. See our prop rental inventory in person:



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