Testimonials – The Prop House

See below, Testimonials – The Prop House from  many satisfied clients.

“ThePropHouse.net supplied me with lighting for a assignment.  Great service!”

Greg Hark Photographics, Inc.


If you want someone to work on your project that means everything to
you…then you must hire Andrew to work with your production .
He cares, and has the passion like no other Production Designer or Art Director that I have ever worked with.
He personally handled all of the design, implementation and props.
The best thing I like about Andrew is he is just curious about life in general…and that certainly translates to his style and attention to all details big & small.
Like no other…easy to work with…a great guy!

Jeffrey Wilkins
Director of Photography


Looking forward to checking out your site. And I’d love to write a testimonial for you…..

As you know I think you are the best. I love working with you. I always know that all was well with you on the set. What a good feeling…….
Hope to see you soon.



“As I grow my services, I am always thinking about “the Prop House” and the inventory. Such an inventory! Three times a year I walk the place so I always have an idea of what is there.”

“My shoots are done on location. A prop, however subtle, often is the key to emotionally pulling the shot together. I only go to one place – The Prop House – for the regular to the absurd.

Matt Swafford