“Dummy Gun”
Rental Disclaimer

(“Dummy Guns” as used herein also applies to edged weapons and deactivated/antique firearms)

I am over 21 years of age and agree to the following:

  • “Dummy Guns” are rented for theatrical purposes only. They will not be brandished in public and will remain boxed or covered in transport.

  • I recognize that it is illegal to brandish, wave about or point “dummy Guns in public or at non-consenting adults.

  • Only adult actors will possess these “Dummy Guns” and the director or his/her assignees will supervise them.

  • “Dummy Guns” are not to be taken onto school grounds or government building/property without the express approval of the official in charge of the school, facility, grounds, etc.

  • I am not on probation or under any court orders or legal restrictions that forbid me from possessing firearms or “Dummy Guns”.  Further, I will not allow anyone with restrictions of this nature to possess the ” Dummy Guns” I have rented from Prop City.

  • If a scene involving the use of “Dummy Guns” is to be filmed, acted out, rehearsed or otherwise performed out side of a theater, I will notify the police agency having jurisdiction so that hey are aware of our performance/rehearsal, etc.

  • If contacted by law enforcement, I will comply with the orders of any law enforcement officer relating to these “Dummy Guns”.

  • I take full responsibility for any and all uses of any “Dummy Guns” rented by me from Prop City and will not hold Prop City responsible for any accidental or illegal use of said “Dummy Guns”.

  • I have read and fully understand these rules/terms and those listed on the general rental agreement and agree to comply with and accept these rules and terms.

  • Signed:__________________________________________Dated:______________

  • Signed:__________________________________________Dated:_______________